about us

For us, building watches is not just business – it is an important part of our lives. To design, construct, manufacture and decorate them by ourselves, to know every single square millimetre in detail, this is the living claim of our manufactory.

Through many years of cooperation with the local and international brands, we have acquired the knowledge and industrial skills to manufacture our own products, which rightly bear the designation of origin „Glashütte“. A small team of highly specialised professionals realises the essential part of the activities in our company from the first pencil stroke to the finished watch.
Today, we are proud to be the smallest independent watch manufacturer in the german watch industry.

design & construction

mechanical parts

mechanical movements

finishing & galvanisation



research & development

We conduct research with our partners in the materials and tooling sector to find viable solutions for the environmentally friendly production of watch components.

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer institute and various industrial companies, we develop concepts and technologies for the use of heavy metal-free brass alloys.

the testing and evaluation of hydrocarbon-free cooling lubricants in connection with industrial production stands for a future-oriented, health-friendly way of manufacturing.